is an extension of Grind Mode Media, LLC’s viral + everything website, Founded by Kenyetta ‘Native’ Mckinney & the music journalism (yes, journalists not bloggers) team who brought to the Internet Grind Mode Radio (before Podcasts), & Grind Mode Magazine in 2003 – innovators and one of the first of its kind page-turn online magazines. Grind Mode Magazine featured hundreds of emerging and mainstream artists, as well as DJs over the years while cultivating strong relationships with publicists and record labels and staying true to the art-form. (check out their IG page for past covers).

Fast forward to 2019. The LitViral/Grind Mode team have revived their spot in the game (with a different outlook and approach, but the same passion for helping and spotlighting musicians). After getting a ‘sign’ (artists continually contacted them for features on, but that was not exactly the platform for them) from a lot of emerging artists and artists of the Grind Mode era, to return full-time to the ‘culture.’ Though they never left, they realized that artists (hip-hop artists especially) need an outlet that has a team of people who were IN the culture & not just studied it (which is the reason why they initially started their Grind Mode ventures). not only provides its readers with music news & videos, but is an outlet giving artists a platform to be seen, heard, and to learn from people who have over 20-years in the music game.