Ann Marie – Pretty Psycho

R&B newcomer has released her first official album (via Interscope Records), ‘Pretty Psycho.’ The Chicago singer has pulled together a few names for her debut, including Calboy, Jeremih, Sonta and Q Money.

Leading out with the single, ‘Throw It Back,’ Ann Marie’s 11-track release is short and sweet at around 28 minutes:

 However, the lack of length means that Ann Marie has no room for filler material as she delivers an understated soulful feel that readily recalls the late Aaliyah. Check the skittering drums and breathy vocal style on the sexualized, ‘My Body:’

Indeed, Ann Marie’s debut is full of bedroom-ready tunes such as the slow-paced, x-rated, ‘Drip,’ featuring Jeremih (check the Freak Nasty interpolation too):

The slow-paced soul keeps coming with ‘Karma’ – where Ann Marie sounds sensual even when she is talking on a break-up:

The theme gets back to a hook-up with the booty-call fire of ‘Sexting:’

Ann Marie invites Calboy to come through for ‘Property’ as she brings some ride-or-die lyrical love with lines like ‘Boy I’ll have your ex hoes wanna fight me / Say you never met nam b*tch like me:

By now it is pretty clear that Ann Marie is fully focused on bringing slowed up soul rather than club bangers or straight-up street heat. ‘Low Key’ continues the trend with a relaxed roll:

With lines like ‘Ima have you on your knees bae / eat the cake like it’s yo bday’ on her track ‘Touch Me,’ it is clear where Ann Marie’s head is at for this album…

Q Money offers a vocal assist for ‘In A Minute’ as Ann Marie lifts matters a little with a piano blessed beat – but the lyrics stay locked in the bedroom:

As the album comes to a close, Ann Marie takes a break from the straight-up sexual lyricism to offer some relationship support for her man on ‘Main Thing:’

The final track, ‘Decline,’ sees Sonta bring some assistance as Ann Marie rounds out her short collection with some heartbreak that hints at a potentially different direction for her next release:

While it might have been nice to hear Ann Marie stretch herself beyond the bedroom with this release, it is short enough to maintain focus and stick to the theme.

There is no doubt that this is ideal listening for the end of the night, when you are with that ‘special someone’ – and we can’t fault Ann Marie for that!


Ann Marie – Pretty Psycho

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