As you will see, we have many years in the music industry and have always prided ourselves as being fair and honest. We are also one of the FEW LEGITIMATE platforms that will take unsolicited content from artists – meaning, you don’t have to have a publicist or manager to represent you yet (we do advise that as your career grows, you do seek professionals in different areas to help you). We know what it is like to be starting out, talented, but needing professional guidance.

We also have VIP services on our site coming soon to give you a blueprint on what you should do, and what steps you should take to help possibly elevate your career to the next level. Meanwhile, we offer services to help your talent get noticed via our industry friends and music lovers who visit our platforms.

**Please note we do expect ALL content submitted to us to be PROFESSIONAL. NO EXCEPTION.**



  • We reserve the right to decline any music service purchase or advertisement. Before making a purchase, please contact us at (If we have not sent you the link to the payment gateway after communicating and agreeing to feature you/your product).
  • We reserve the right to decline to give a review – paid or free.
  • We are NOT your publicist, DJ, representative, promoter, or curator, however, we are people who have a passion for artists, so we can advise at our discretion.
  • No racism, bigotry, derogatory or degrading content will be accepted.
  • Our ad team reserves the right to choose which video will follow your video or image ad.
  • All paid music services take precedence over non-paid music services (meaning paid reviews, sponsored posts, videos are placed on the site first).
  • We can assure you that we will do our best to get you maximized exposure by featuring you through our platforms but cannot guarantee that people (including industry people), will react the way you expect (example, we post you on Instagram, and your video only gets a limited amount of likes, views, comments). So, we make NO guarantees. We would advise that you use your feature with us as a catalyst to build around, so people will know more about you and who you are (if you are not already known in the industry). At least they will see that you are promoting yourself/artist and will see you featured on a reputable platform.
  • All advertising images or videos must be of high quality.
  • Please make sure you have read our FAQ, Privacy policy, and general Terms of Services prior to purchasing our services.
  • Refunds will be given if there is a problem on our end, and we have a problem running your ad, sponsored posts, review, interview, or video after you have made the purchase (which we agreed upon collectively). Otherwise, there are NO REFUNDS after purchasing our services, so please make sure that you ensure that you are doing the right thing, prior to purchasing.
  • Once the video ad or image is submitted, it cannot be changed.
  • If your project is time-sensitive, you agree to pay the expedited fee to run the project quicker, otherwise, we can guarantee only that we will run within a month of your purchase and will let you know when it is up.
  • We will use all our vehicles related to (including and all subsidaries) to promote your project (this means that when we say promote, this includes these promotion channels).
  • Due to our editorial standards, we can make NO guarantee that the feedback you receive on reviews from our team will be positive, even if you pay. Therefore, we have created the Review Critique to Publish – which means you will receive the feedback we and our professional team of industry insiders give. However, whether you want the review published will be YOUR decision (we will only publish the review if you give us the green light). **THIS IS FOR PAID REVIEWS ONLY. FOR FREE REVIEWS THERE WILL BE NO OPTION TO SEE WHAT WE WILL PUBLISH UPFRONT OR DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT IT WILL BE PUBLISHED. **
  • We will not make updates to ANY sponsored posts once they are up.
  • **IMPORTANT** We will NOT swap out videos, photos, URLs once they have been posted (if you would like a new video up, you would have to confer with us to discuss ordering again). We will offer a 15% discount if you order two or more times from us within a six-month time period (so, up to six months from the day in which your first project ran with us). NO EXCEPTIONS. To expound upon this further, if you change your website or social media handle down the line, we will not make the update on our site. If you had a better photo taken, we will not update it on our site, if you have a new song, we will not update it on our site. These would all require NEW music service purchases. ONCE WE RUN SOMETHING NO MATTER WHAT IT IS, AFTER IT IS PAID FOR, THERE WILL NOT BE ANY UPDATES MADE TO THE POSTS. If there is an error on our part, we will rectify things immediately, otherwise, NO CHANGES.
  • All videos, images, and music must be your own.
  • All production must be original, and the producer MUST be given credit. NO EXCEPTION.
  • All photos MUST come with photo credit and right for you to use. Otherwise, you will be held accountable for any possible legal ramifications and not
  • NO DM’s on ANY social media platform for communication. All communication will be done through the appropriate designated email account.
  • If the artist consists of a group, ALL group members MUST agree to these terms for us to run your content.
  • If it is a publicist or manager contacting us on behalf of an artist, we must get an emailed word from the artists that you represent them, and they understand and adhere to all our terms. NO EXCEPTION. We want the artist to understand our terms in case there is an unfortunate dissolve with your client/artist relationship down the line. We want to make sure the artists understand what applies to them.
  • All purchases can be made through PayPal or credit card – you agree to these terms and will not make any false claims to PayPal or your credit company for a refund after your content has run.

                      These terms can be amended and/or modified at any time without notice via the Team.

(As of 3.29.19)