Bronx Slang Bronx Slang

Bronx duo, Bronx Slang have released their album, ‘Bronx Slang’ and, in doing, have delivered a new take on classic boom-bap era hip-hop.

Jerry Beeks and Ollie Miggs are from the old school Bronx hip-hop aesthetic, growing up rhyming in cyphers on the block, and it shows right though the music – from the strong lyrical delivery to the classic production sounds.

Opening with the single, ‘Run Away Sucker’ demonstrates their solid wordplay:

Things get stronger still with the streey-ready ‘Ladies and Gentlemen:’

This is followed by the straight funky boom bap of ‘Rushing The Stage,’ and the slow-swinging ‘Well, Well, Well:’

Karate Man Bruises On The Inside’ takes a turn to the darker, which will definitely find favour with fans of Run The Jewels:

Freeze, Music Please’ continues with the vintage 90-style hip-hop sounds, before Bronx Slang bring a jazzy, political piece with, ‘More Grief:’

The frenetic hometown dedication of ‘Bronx Was Burning’ somehow doesn’t quite hit with the same power, maybe because of the off-kilter beats, but ‘High Alert’ brings matters back before the short ‘Married To The Game’ allows the duo space to show off their lyrical skills once more:

The real-life politics of police shooting black people in America is spoken on in ‘Excuse Me Officer:’

Before matters are rounded out beautifully with the solid, ‘Black Captain America:’

If you want head-nodding beats and enunciated lyrics that say something, Bronx Slang is what you are looking for in 2019.

One for the heads…


Bronx Slang – Bronx Slang

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