According to the reports, on July 22, 2018, rapper Tekashi 69 was kidnapped and forced into a car before being assaulted and robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry.

However, a lawyer for Anthony ‘Harv’ Ellison, who is accused of the robbery, says that Tekashi actually faked the kidnapping!

Lawyer, Devereaux Cannick argues that:

“No robbery or kidnapping or assault happened. It didn’t happen. He had an event that made it look like a robbery or kidnapping.”

The lawyer continued:

“He was about to drop an album. He trolls every time he’s about to drop another album. Gotta get your buzz up. That’s how you make money.”

Tekashi is expected to testify against Ellson and his alleged accomplice, Aljermiah Mack,at a hearing on September 16. The rapper is reportedly a government cooperator after pleading guilty to unrelated racketeering charges earlier this year.


Did Tekashi 69 Fake His Own Kidnapping For Publicity?

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