Doja Cat – Rules (Official Video)

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    • @Dina L even if that’s the case, she seems to enjoy what shes making and has fun doing what shes doing and that’s what matters. I personally love her music and how versatile she is.

    • @chloe varshay2 chainz “Problems” and Drake “For Free” were hits, the instrumentals were strong. Her music is vulgarity laid over half finished beats. She has the talent, but I see a her as struggling with being an artist vs. what will get her the most attention. Has any of her music placed on the charts or is it video likes by young boys ?

    • @Dina L and this song isnt objectifying. she literally says “play with my pussy but dont play with my emotions”, basically telling women that’s it’s okay to be sexual and enjoy that side of dating but dont let me steamroll over you. its actually a good message. the way she worded it is just vulgar.

  1. Can’t wait for the Genius Official Lyrics & Meaning

    Doja Cat: idk what that means I just said it

  2. Doja: wears snake skin clothes
    Also Doja: Has a whole snake on her body while wearing that
    Me: *is this legal*

  3. Omg I just realised. She’s portraying the horror movie “sleepwalkers” it’s a early 90s movie

    • vbddfy euuyt woah I had no idea, thank you for that because somehow I love the video even more. Plus the movie looks good.





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