Our Truthful FAQ:

So, let’s get started …

Who is LitViralMusic.com?

Because we get approached by a lot of musicians often (mainly in the hip-hop and R & B arena), we decided that we would make a standalone platform just for musicians. Litviralmusic.com is an extension of our refreshing viral + everything else website, LitViral.com (so, this means we will be doing a lot of cross-promotion on this site and social media platforms of this site as well).

We will do music ‘celebrity’ news only on this website. Any other type of news (celebrity or otherwise), you will be able to find sprinkles of on LitViral.com. Here, we spotlight all things music-related only.

To find out who we are (as a staff), and how we know our stuff as it pertains to music, and why we are NO fly by night in the music industry, please check out this page.

What type of music/videos/albums/mixtapes do you accept?

Right now, we have a heavy concentration in hip-hop and R & B, however, we are a diverse team, so we do not discount other genres that may be of interest to our readership.

What platforms must the music be hosted on (for you to embed from)?

YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, & MixCloud are our preferred choices for mixtapes, albums, singles, and reviews. There are a few additional platforms (i.e. DatPiff).

Is there a fee to be featured on your site?

In some instances, yes. Consequently, we have implemented our VIP Section (coming soon). It depends on what type of exposure you are looking for. This does not mean that musicians cannot submit to us for free, but we do have different levels of exposure. You can check out our advertising page to find out more.

Are you a Spotify or YouTube curator service?

No, we are not. However, we will feature some artists on those platforms via our channels, too.

Are you a PR company?

While we are publicists and journalists by trade, we are not a PR company. We will, however, push any paying artists or artists that we have hand-picked via our social media platforms and other resources.

What is your VIP Member’s Area?

Our VIP Member’s Area is slated to have resources that will help artists advance their careers. We are established in this area and have people on our team who are well-versed in artists advancement.

While we make NO guarantees, it will advance your music career (it is contingent upon your talent coupled with the knowledge), we will ensure that you get a wealth of information that we have compiled with the help of industry insiders that we have formulated relationships with over the years.

More Answers …

We are excited to be full-time back on the scene, doing what we love! While we were one of the leaders in the urban music online sectors in the early to mid-2000s via our popular online magazine, Grind Mode Magazine, please be advised that today, we do things a bit differently here at LitViralMusic.com. We believe in evolution, so we had to take a step back to get acclimated to today’s music game since so much has changed since we first emerged on the scene. You will receive the same quality editorial team, but we have evolved. If you have dealt with us in the past, then you know that we take our jobs and reporting very seriously, but they are just that – jobs (this is also our livelihood, too).

As you may know, it takes a lot of time and effort to review and feature something or someone (which we have been doing for years with no problems, through our websites). With this being stated, we had to amend things and change our approach a bit to have things fit into our agenda as well.

We are here to help YOU first and foremost – that is our #1 goal while providing visitors to our website with GOOD, QUALITY content.

Why it important to invest in yourself as a musician…

Being a SERIOUS musician/artist, you must understand that some things cost to further your career (whether it’s getting the best exposure, best music advice from professionals, putting out a great indie music video, great album cover, great production, or great publicity & promotions). While there are a lot of scammers out here, there are many people who can vouch for our honesty and credibility. It has never been about the money for us, but it is not inexpensive to run and maintain quality projects. We were musicians ourselves before becoming the music industry insiders, and some of us are still DJs, so we know how we felt/feel when people tried to get over on us.

***Please note: Some of your pitches will be referred to our advertising department for a possible paid feature as a ‘Promoted Post | Video | Music.’ This will be contingent upon what our editorial needs are at the time, or how in-depth the feature or review requirements are – if it seems to be more towards an advertisement than just a standard feature. Promoted Post will have a higher priority and will end up faster in our featured section.

We will do our best to let you know when/if a review, feature, interview or music submitted is up, however, you should stay tuned to our site.

***We also make NO guarantee that a non-paid piece will run. It is 100% at our sole discretion.

OK, now that we have gotten our ‘housekeeping,’ direction and pitch disclaimer out of the way, please see below for information on how we are handling things going forward.


Interview | Feature Outline:


We have done many interviews throughout the years and have given many people spotlight.  We still believe in interviews but have a different approach to them now.  We spent a lot of time over the years devising interview questions, conducting phone & in-person interviews and transcribing them, etc., which took an immense amount of work.  With our new approach, things will run a lot smoother and faster for all parties involved.

We MUST receive a pitch – not just a press release (if you plan to submit a press release), to see what angle we can take with the story. If the story fits into the scope of what we are trying to do at LitViralMusic.com, then we will reach out to you. **JUST BECAUSE YOU SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC + LINKS, DOES NOT MEAN WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU. **

Regarding Interviews:

  • Interviews will likely be email-based (unless otherwise specified), we will provide an outline (If you would like to deviate a bit from the outline, then the artist, publicist or representative will be responsible for letting us know this and creating the deviated questions or facts beyond what we provide).
  • Videos interviews are welcomed for a possible fee. However, the artist, publicist or representative must conduct the exclusive video interview and submit the link (preferably uploaded to YouTube, Daily Motion or Vimeo) for us to embed.
  • Interviews must be grammatically correct (we are not ‘stuffy’ at LitViralMusic.com & certainly want you to live in your truth, but we would like to ensure that we are continually publishing quality content) & they also must be returned to us in a timely fashion once we give the green light.
  • While submitting an interview request is free, in order to get some of the bells & whistles added into the interview, there may be a charge.

Specifically, regarding celebrity interviews:

  • We understand that some ‘celebrities’ do not like to do email-based interviews, this is where we ask that the publicist conducts the interview and sends it to us (unless otherwise specified, to speed up the publishing process). In the past, we spent a lot of time creating interviews (and some were never returned/or returned in a timely fashion).






Regarding Music Reviews:

We are introducing ‘Music Reviews Critique to Publish.’ Music reviews have been the backbone of what we have done over the years, another component that has taken a lot of time and effort to do (with, honestly, not a lot of reciprocal love back).  With this being stated, in order to protect our time and energy (and to know that you are serious), there may be a fee involved (this is based on the level of exposure you look to get).

While submitting music review requests are 100% free, you will have to pay for the critique by one of our experienced professional music staff members (this means you will accept the critique — good or indifferent to help you improve your project). It will be up to you if you want the review/critique published to LitViralMusic.com (which it will be done so for free and given priority).

We will not dilute our brand by falsely giving out ‘good reviews’ where they are not warranted. We will be respectful and hope that you will consider our years of experience in the game, and our wanting to help you reach your full potential. Therefore, we will give you TOTAL CONTROL on if you want the review to run after you are given the feedback.

Musicians may still send music/videos/albums/mixtapes for possible, ‘free’ feature consideration, but there are no guarantees that we will run them as reviews.  We will, however, feature some submitted music (from SoundCloud, Spotify, DatPiff, or other embeddable sources) and videos (from YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.).  You will be responsible for getting to us the links to grab the embed codes.  We MUST also receive a hi-res photo (MUST BE HI-RES), with photo attribution alongside an extremely brief outline of the project or song (including what genre you fall under).






Concert & Event Coverage:

***For a concert, event and show coverage, it will be based on writer availability in the location of the event. If the concert, event or show is in New York, LA, Atlanta or Philadelphia, there is a greater chance of LitViralmusic.com coverage attendance.





We tried to keep this as straight-forward as possible. Again, we must remind musicians (and/or their representatives) that while we are extremely passionate about what we do, this is a business for us (we have been in for a long time, so we know a lot of the ins and outs). It is not inexpensive to run sites such as this one, alongside our staff efforts. We have the PUREST intent in everything we do but have learned some valuable lessons over the years (so, we must make things clear). Thank you for your time and for reaching out to our media outlet! We will continue to provide quality work and make sure that, with your help, we are maximizing the exposure of you or your client. We hope that you understand our revised stance.

Some love and honesty: Everyone will not become a ‘star.’ Period. Things come to those who put in work coupled with talent (therefore, some people you may feel are not better than you, but they get ‘put on’ before you). They likely put in the work it takes to become successful.

If there are any questions or concerns that have not been addressed or answered, please contact us at hello@litviralmusic.com, and we will try to address your concerns or questions further.


To Your Dopest Regards,

Team LitViralMusic.com