Is It Time To Speak About Drugs In Hip-Hop?

You have probably heard about the tragic death of the 21-year-old rapper, Juice WRLD, who died after swallowing painkillers while on a private flight from Los Angeles to Chicago, in order to hide the drugs from the authorities.

The pilot alerted the authorities that Juice and his crew had weapons on the plane. When the plane touched down, the FBI and FAA were waiting so Juice, in an attempt to hide the narcotics, swallowed several Percocet pills.

While the official autopsy results are to arrive, it is widely believed that the pills were instrumental in causing the young MC to go into a seizure. While paramedics tried to save his life for 40 minutes, he was pronounced dead at a hospital at 3:06 am.

The feds also recovered 70 pounds of weed in vacuum-sealed bags stashed in suitcases, three registered guns and two of Juice’s friends were arrested for gun possession.

Hearing this story, it is clear to see that Juice WRLD, for any faults, would probably still be alive today without the prescription pills he swallowed.

Of course, he is far from the first young rapper in recent times to die due to a drug overdose, so is it time for hip-hop to address this issue?

Let’s not play, drugs have always been a part of hip-hop, from the earliest days of cocaine and angel dust in the clubs of New York, to weed, and ecstasy. And let’s not pretend no rapper has ever smoked crack or taken other harder drugs.

That said, harder drugs were always frowned upon by hip-hop culture, but there has also been an explosion of prescription drug-taking in recent years that can’t be ignored anymore.

We know it’s not just hip-hop – just look at the dangerous cocktails of drugs legends like Michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney Houston were said to be taking around the time of their deaths…

Maybe it’s time we stopped pretending that everything is OK and ask why it is that so many young people are dying from pills, lean, and other prescription-based narcotics?


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