R. Kelly Allegedly Has An Incurable STD

As if you needed another reason to avoid R. Kelly, reports say that the disgraced R&B star allegedly has an incurable STD!

pixel_startThe singer is currently facing charges in New York, Illinois, and Minnesota related to allegations of sexual abuse of young girls.

As part of the investigation, Kelly’s medical records from Walgreens, University Health Systems and Urgent Care reveal that he has incurable herpes and has knowingly transmitted the STD to at least one woman.

While Kelly’s legal team have previously claimed there was “no evidence” linking Kelly to the spread of STDs, it seems that now there is!

Kelly, who is currently behind bars in Illinois, is facing a tough legal battle to prove his innocence, with federal prosecutors in New York having already obtained flight records, birth certificates for a number of women, hotel receipts, bank records, medical records, Uber records, photos, text messages, and other business records.

The net is closing in. It will all come out in the wash (both the truth and the ‘un-truths’). 


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