The Cool Kids & Alchemist – Layups

The Cool Kids have been bubbling away since around 2007, releasing music independently and creating a buzz among those in-the-know.

It seems like one of the people whose attention they caught is none other than legendary producer, Alchemist, who laced them with all three tracks for this short yet hard-hitting set.

At just 10-minutes in length, there isn’t time to waste and the rhyming duo of Antoine “Sir Michael Rocks” Reed and Evan “Chuck Inglish” Ingersoll kick things off with the title track:

With dark rhymes and a driving beat, this cut delivers with horror-meets-basketball themed wordplay before matters smooth out for the blues-laden ‘Polansky:’

With Shorty K and Boldy James offering lyrical assists, The Cool Kids bring thick rhymes over the sparsely layered backing.

The set comes to a quick close with ‘WTF,’ as Boldy James comes through once again.

A minor key soundscape is blessed with some of the best rhymes on this collection – if you can handle the strained yells on the hook:

Short and sweet, this collection offers a solid introduction for those yet to catch The Cool Kids – but blink, and you’ll miss it!


The Cool Kids & Alchemist – Layups

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